"J.M. Wellington Jewellers called on our services with the requirement of a website to bring work their way as a means to generating leads for their business"


Redtapedoc simplify the complex world of employment law, health & safety and hr for small businesses, helping them become compliant, providing them with the necessary paperwork in a practical and cost effective way. There are a number of legal requirements and regulations that employers have to comply with .

Their employment packs are ideal for small businesses that don’t have the in-house resources to prepare all the necessary policies, procedures and other essential paperwork

Our task

In short, Redtapedoc came to me in april 2010 because they wanted more traffic to bring more sales to their ecommerce website. They also wanted me to work on optimising their current keywords and develop more keywords in which their website could be found .

Fast forward 5 months and their web traffic has almost tripled for 700 to 2000 visits per month and still growing!. Month on month, their sales have been on the increase too .

Within 6 months, the website receives over 2,000 visits via the search engines worldwide

Selling employment templates, redtapedoc.co.uk are now selling their product via organic searches with sales growing all the time