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SEO Competitive Analysis / SEO Competitor Analysis to bring your website up to speed

Fresco Creative invest a great deal of time in carrying out a SEO Competitive Analysis / SEO Competitor Analysis prior to working on any SEO campaign. Our highly analytical, thorough approach to competitor researching enables us to set your website up to enable you to beat your competitors, and long-term, industry benchmarkers.

Every business must do this and it is no different when it comes to SEO or link building. As a beginning process, we use a thorough approach to track your websites search engine (SEO) performance against those of your competitors.

Throughout there should be a prolonged competitor analysis as they are likely to go through changes and developments of their own. Keyword's, content and SEO strategy are always evolving.

Elements to often look out for include: -

• Title tags
• Meta tag keyword and descriptions
• On page content and keyword density
• Backlinks to external sources

Upon working with our clients, we will take time to look out for new and current competitors websites. We will take time to assess their page structure and coding and see whether there may be something we are quite simply not doing. Likewise, with the maintenance support we offer, you are more than free to discuss any shortfalls you may well be facing.

The value we see in our thorough approach is we amass a great deal of information to develop your website with. By knowing what your immediate opposition is doing, we can build and develop your SEO marketing campaign to meet one anothers objectives. A thoroughly monitored and planned out campaign will, in all cases, lead to being a success.

After all, you want your SEO to place you ahead of the competition..